Jeanie's Angels for webMind Body Design, LLC is an in-home personal training company located in Fort Collins, Colorado. Our company philosophy places an emphasis on balanced living promoting active, healthy, and happy clients through our five pillars of wellness: Regular exercise, sensible nutrition, hydration, sleep, and stress management. We aren’t into gimmicks. We tailor training for each client’s personality and individual needs making fitness ‘fit’ by helping create new habits and realistic goals. We encourage our clients to find activities they can enjoy for a lifetime. Our clients range from the young of body to the young at heart.

When you hire, Mind Body Design, LLC you can expect to get a qualified, certified and experienced fitness coach. Our trainers have a talent for teaching to varying fitness levelscat jen celeste in different environments and are able to demonstrate safe exercises for all ages. And we’ll always try to make it fun! We want to equip our clients with tools to develop healthy lifestyle habits and we’re here to support each wellness journey. We approach fitness in a friendly, social, and encouraging way that aligns with our belief that exercise can be fun. We think fitness is for everyone and we’d love to have you join. Contact us today to get started!